About Us

Who We Are

Auburn University Ethical Hacking Club (AUEHC) is a child organization of Auburn’s Associate for Computing Machinery (ACM). We are the Auburn University Ethical Hacking Club, or EHC for short. We focus on teaching people various cybersecurity topics, hosting lab activities and projects, and participating in security-focused competitions throughout the year.

Our current leadership for this year is below:

  • President: Luke Robinson
  • Vice President: Marshall Nelson
  • Secretary: Jacob Sauls
  • Treasurer: Grayson Sparks
  • Public Relations: Cooper Jackson
  • Webmaster: Bradley Bulson
  • Technical Advisors: Hemant Sherawat, Will Nickolson, Enoch Yang, and Johnathan Story
  • Faculty Coach: Dr. Springall
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Tauritz

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What We Do

We touch on almost every aspect of cybersecurity, covering on defensive, or “blue-teaming,” offensive, or “red-teaming,” and combinations of the two, “purple teaming.” We do this by covering many different topics over the course of the year, teaching things such as cryptography, malware reversing, and penetration testing. Our meetings are Tuesday evenings from 5pm to 7pm CDT, and keep an eye on the Discord announcements channel for where they are and to access them online.

Not only do we present and teach various topics, we also participate in many cybersecurity competitions that also cover a wide variety of interests. Some of the competitions and events we have done in the past and hopefully will do again in the future are below.

  • Capture the Flag (CTF) Competitions: There are typically many of these throughout the year, with all sorts of topics and skill levels being covered, from beginner-friendly CTFs to very difficult ones.
  • SECCDC: A blue team-focused event where the team defends a network against attackers in real time, having to balance keeping services running and keeping the bad guys out.
  • CPTC: A red team-focused event, set out to mimic a real-life penetration testing scenario where teams need to both be able to identify weaknesses and convey those in an understandable way to less technical personnel.
  • TracerFire: A blue team event, where teams put digital forensics skills to work to build a timeline for a mock incident by analyzing the data left behind from the attack.


AUEHC’s primary objective is to build interest in cybersecurity within Auburn University’s student body. Our members are composed of freshmen to graduate students, each with an interest in different parts of the cybersecurity field. AUEHC is focused on developing a new wave of cybersecurity professionals.


Over the past seven years, we have taught Auburn University students cybersecurity principles through our participation in international security competitions, lectures on security topics, and practice with industry-standard security tools.

In the seven years we have been active, we have worked with national laboratories to hold cybersecurity events, contributed to educating the general population about computer hygiene through good works, and developed and hosted a public cybersecurity event, AUCTF 2020, with close to 3000 participants from around the globe.


Auburn Cyber Research Center

The Auburn Cyber Research Center (ACRC) is an academic center housed in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Auburn University that brings together faculty, researchers, and students working in the field of cybersecurity from departments within the College of Engineering and across campus. ACRC integrates cutting-edge engineering technology with research to develop innovative methods of protecting our nation’s cybersecurity.

Auburn University. “Organization Description” Auburn Cyber Research Center, 2020, www.eng.auburn.edu/research/centers/auburn-cyber-research-center/index.html.